September 12, 2012

A few new books

Only a few new books are trickling in since the end of our ordering cycle for this fiscal year. 

Art History / Design

Book-jackets; Their History, Forms, and Use  by G. Thomas Tanselle

A Closer Look; Techniques of Painting,  guide by the National Gallery, London

An Eakins Masterpiece Restored: Seeing The Gross Clinic Anew,  catalog of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Perfectly American: The Art-Union & its Artists, exhibition catalog from the Gilcrease Museum

Movies / Theater / Dance / TV

Hollywood Movie Stills; Art and Technique in the Golden Age of the Studios  by Joel W. Finler
Again, a reminder that as of July, 2012, all the collections of Central Library are unavailable to staff and public.  The move from the temporary storage location and various branches will be a lengthy one, as all materials are prepared, moved, and arranged in their new locations in the renovated building.  Unfortunately this means that the new books that appear in this blog are not able to be requested and sent to branches.  If you see a title you would like to check out, first check the catalog to see if there is a copy at a branch.  If not, please be patient, keep a list, and watch the library’s public announcements for the date when Central’s collections will again be available. 
We are truly sorry for this major inconvenience, but it is just not possible to keep the collections accessible while they and the staff are in such flux.   Central Library reopens on December 9, 2012.