May 21, 2013

Latest acquisitions

As we rush headlong towards summer, don't forget to check out some great new arts and crafts books!  These have just come in....


American Folk Art; A Regional Reference  by Kristin G. Congdon

Freeman-McFarlin Pottery, 1951-1980  by Nancy Kelly

Travel Guide to Antique Shops & Malls, published by AntiqueWeek

Art History / Art Theory 

Atlas:  The Reader  by Gerhard Richter 

Balinese Art; Paintings and Drawings of Bali, 1800-2010  by Adrian Vickers 

Kienholz / Five Car Stud, exhibit catalog of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 

Silver Wind; The Arts of Sakai Hoisu  by Matthew McKelway 

Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avant-Garde, exhibit catalog of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Architecture / Planning / Landscape Architecture 

George Washington’s Eye: Landscape, Architecture, and Design at Mount Vernon  by Joseph Manca

James Stirling, Revisionary Modernist  by Amanda Reeser Lawrence 

Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China  by Bianca Bosker 

Sourcebook of Contemporary Urban Design  by Francesc Zamora Mola

Design / Interior Decoration / Graphics / Fashion 

Chinese Label Art, 1900-1976  by Andrew S. Cahan 

Eero Saarinen ("Objects and Furniture Design by Architects" Series) 

Interiors and the Legacy of Postmodernism  by Terry Farrell 

New Icons of Fashion Illustration  by Tony Glenville 

Sustainable Fashion Handbook  by Sandy Black

Crafts / Applied Arts / How-to Books 

Art Marketing 101, 4th edition  by Constance Smith 

Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists  by Ann Baldwin 

Decorative Stained Glass Designs  by Louise Mehaffey 

Encaustic Studio: A Wax Workshop in Mixed-Media Art  by Daniella Woolf 

New Markets for Artists  by Brainard Carey  

The Workshop Guide to Ceramics  by Duncan Hooson
Antiques / Collectibles 

Catalina Island Pottery and Tile, 1927-1937  by Carole Coates 

Mediterranean Maiolica  by Robert Attard 

Portmeirion Pottery  by Will Farmer