December 19, 2013

Books on the business of being an artist


These books may be of help if you're an artist trying to get established and have a successful career.  Most are here at Central, and can be requested and checked out.  They are listed in call number order.  This list was given out at the Dec. 18, 2013 "Central for Creative Artists" program.

GRANTS 332.0240024  Arts & Numbers, a Financial Guide for Artists, Writers, Performers & other members of the Creative Class, by Elaine Grogan Luttrell
GRANTS 700.79  Artist’s Guide to Grantwriting, by Gigi Rosenberg 
GRANTS 700.7973  Guide to Getting Arts Grants, by Ellen Liberatori

343.730787  Business and Legal Forms for Fine Artists, by Tad Crawford 
343.7307874  Business and Legal Forms for Crafters, by Tad Crawford 
346.730652  Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers, by Tad Crawford 
380.145  Photographer’s Market (new edition every year) 
700.23  The Business of Being an Artist, by Daniel Grant 

700.688  Art Marketing 101; An Artist’s Guide to a Successful Business Plan, 4th edition, by Constance Smith 
700.688  Artist’s Business and Marketing Toolbox, by Neil McKenzie 
701.15  Making Art a Practice; 30 Ways to Paint a Pipe {How to be the Artist You Are}, by Cat Bennett
702.3  ART/WORK; Everything you need to know (and do) as you pursue your Art Career, by Heather Darcy Bhandari
702.3  I Just Like to Make Things; Learn the Secrets to Making Money while Staying Passionate about your Art and Craft  by Lilla Rogers
 702.3  Making it in the Art World, by Brainard Carey 
702.3  Starting your Career as an Artist, by Angie Wojak 
706  Commissioning Contemporary Art; A Handbook for Curators, Collectors, and Artists, by Louisa Buck 
706.8  Art That Pays; The Emerging Artist’s Guide to Making a Living, by Adele Slaughter 
706.8  The Profitable Artist; A Handbook for All Artists in the Performing, Literary, and Visual Arts, by Peter Cobb 
706.88  Advanced Strategies for Marketing Art; Innovative Ways to Boost your Art Career, by Constance Smith 
706.88  The Artist’s Guide to Public Art; How to Find and Win Commissions, by Ralph Mayer 
706.88  The Artist’s Guide to Selling Work, 2nd edition, by Annabelle Ruston
706.88  Licensing Art 101, 3rd edition, by Michael Woodward 
706.88  New Markets for Artists; How to Sell, Fund Projects, by Brainard Carey  
741.6068  The Graphic Designer's Business Survival Guide, by Lawrence J. Daniels
741.60688  Success by Design; The Essential Business Reference for Designers, by David Sherwin
741.64023  Becoming a Successful Illustrator, by Derek Brazell and Jo Davies
745.449  Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market (new edition every year)
746.92068  How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business, by Angela Wolf 
770.232  Business and legal forms for photographers, by Tad Crawford 
770.68  How to Open & Operate a Financially Succesful Photography Business, by Bryan Rose 
808.066701  Writing the Artist Statement:  Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work, by Ariane Goodwin